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Four more tears...

I need to try, as best I can, to express and explain the despondency I feel today.

The three things I cared about this year, the presidency, limits on the three strikes law, and rejecting state DNA collection for non-criminals, all lost.

What's worse, reason, intellect, and separation of church and state lost.

The Supreme Court lost. The Democrats lost.

The entire West Coast, and the Northeast lost.

I feel lost... I'm dazed, hollow, I feel like I have had the hope burned out of me, by a hot, hot fire, that left nothing behind.

Others have commented on the 'echo chamber' effect of reading political blogs, for instance, that maybe it blinded us to the way the 'rest of the country' felt. I disagree. I grew up in New York, and have lived in California and Washington. I'm part of that big blue zone, the people who voted to bring sanity back to the country yesterday. I'm part of an echo chamber that is so much bigger than blogs... In California, we really believed that we would prevail. In New York, and Washington, and all over the Northeast, we really believed we would prevail. That fed on itself, and created the huge echo chamber that left us confused and dazed when we lost badly to the 'Moral Values' crowd. To the 'security over liberty' crowd.

The facts baldly did not matter this election. It was not about facts, it was about emotion. I want to believe that the facts and truth can matter. I want to believe that Americans want reason and intellectual strength in the person they choose to lead the country.

I'm wrong, of course, and my fiance knew far better than I.

Does this mean the Democrats have to pander to the populace's emotions, plying their heartstrings, encouraging fear, and hiding the brains behind a curtain and showing a wizard of fire and brimstone to the general public? Well, that's evidently how to win. But do I want to be part of that? No.

I want to have faith in America, I want to believe. Tomorrow, we will pick up, move on, and try to rebuild the shattered mess that is left, but right now, more than anything else, I want to just sit down and cry for hours.

I want to cry for the direction this will move our national discourse; away from reason, away from intellect, deeper into emotion, fear, and religion. I want to cry for our rights, which will be stripped bare by the single-party controlled Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. I want to cry for my shattered faith in America. Worst of all, I want to cry for my future children, probably born under this President, and growing up under a highly conservative Supreme Court.

I want to cry for all those things.

Four more tears.

-- Morgan Schweers

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