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cyberfox's Journal

The Life and Times of a Cyberfox

Kilroy Balore, Cyberfox
11 June 1969
I was born in San Francisco, in the summer of '69, lived on Long Island, New York for most of my life, then moved back to the Bay Area when I was offered a job doing what I love (programming) in 1990. I left to take a job in beautiful, watery, treeful, vibrant green Seattle for two and a half years, starting in 1997, then moved back to sunny San Jose. One of several reasons I moved back is my SO (now wife), who is the absolute light of my life. She has brought me joy and happiness (and a cute baby boy named Corwin!), and I love her very, very much. We moved back to the Seattle area after I convinced her to fall in love with it too. :)

I'm a software hacker, furry fan, workaholic, SF fan, avid reader and occasional writer. Far more often, however, I'm primarily a coder. I really enjoy building software, and have been doing it personally since 1980, and full-time professionally since 1989.